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Post-Event Survey Available

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Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think will make next year’s Pear Run even better!

Congrats Connie Ochoa!

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Winner of Women’s 5k in 20 – 29 division!

Update on Photos

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Our photographer is still working on the photos. He expects to have them available today. If you haven’t done so, please sign up to receive a notification via email when they are ready.

We apologize for the delay!

Official Photo Update

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We were told that the official photos would be available some time today. Our photographer encountered some technical problems, but says that the photos themselves were not compromised. Stay tuned! We apologize for the delay.

Meet 5k Female Open Winner Jennifer Lewis!

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Congratulations to Jennifer Lewis, overall winner of the women’s 5k! She picked up her medal at the Police Department! Way to go, Jennifer!


Did You Know?

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  • The oldest male participant (5k) was Donald Dusek, age 72! You inspire us!
  • The oldest female participant (10k) was Lynn Furman, age 67! YOU GO GIRL!
  • We had a runner on wheels in the 10k! Bennie Perez finished the 10k in his wheelchair! AMAZING!
  • Two female firefighters completed the race IN THEIR FULL GEAR!
  • The youngest runners were Hafsa Kaseb (age 5) and Mohamad Kaseb (age 4)! We’re guessing they’re siblings! WAY TO GO!

Do you have a SHOUT OUT for your favorite team or runner? Let us know!

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